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Birthdate:Mar 23
Location:SoHo, New York, United States of America
❝ bravo, she's at the bottom of that bottle,
she's only one more swallow from being oh-so hollow ❞

Audrey is just your typical twenty-two year old girl, painfully obsessed with how others perceive her, trying her hardest to prove she's an "adult" while in the same breath turning around and doing something completely stupid just because she can. She likes to go to music festivals, watch indie movies that she doesn't really get because they're "cool," pretend she's just as good a cook as any of those hacks on the Food Network, blow half her paycheck on one wild shopping spree, and hang around with her friends, basking in their collective awesomeness. Oh, and do lines of coke off each other's living room tables. And get drunk before noon. And have sex with people she's only just met in a drugged-out fog. But everyone does that, right? Right?

Okay. She has a problem. She knows she has a problem. Multiple problems, even. But the problem with those problems is...well, she likes her problems. The drugs make her feel confident, beautiful, sexy, cool. The alcohol makes her bubbly, friendly, approachable. The sex...well, the sex is just fun because that's how sex goes. Besides, she's young. She's supposed to get all her crazy stuff out of the way now before she gets too old, that's just how it works. Everyone knows that.

audrey is totally a figment of my imagination. i am not remotely associated with agnes buzala, the beautiful PB whose face i'm borrowing for my muse. both audrey and i are well over eighteen, and content within this journal will reflect that. header and icons made by the lovely and talented [personal profile] spock.
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